YouTube debuts Premium experimental feature only available until September 1

YouTube has been around for a long time. But even after billions of views, the platform continues to evolve. There are more tools than ever for creators, and the viewing experience has also seen numerous improvements. Today, YouTube is offering its Premium subscribers a new feature, but it will only be available for a limited time.

YouTube’s new pinch feature allows users to pinch go inside a video while in a window. To be clear, this isn’t resizing the picture-in-picture window; it’s basically customizing the video itself. In addition to zooming in and out, users can move within the frame if desired. This is quite unique and some may benefit from being able to watch videos this way.

YouTube Zoom gif shows off the temporary experimental feature

The landscape has changed dramatically since digital video first appeared on the web, and it has forced all players in the space to evolve. YouTube is still a big part of it and it has had to adapt. The company has introduced features such as higher resolutions, better streaming technologies and, most importantly, improvements for different apps on different platforms. In the meantime, make sure that the platform is safe to use.

More recently, YouTube has introduced features that borrow and compete with competitors like TikTok. While it may be a simple change, it can easily be something that takes off. If you want to try the new pinch-to-zoom feature, make sure you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, head to the resource link below, sign up for experimental features and enjoy. Keep in mind that this feature is a limited release. YouTube has stated that it will be available until September 1. What happens next is a mystery.

Source: YouTube
Through: Android Police

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