Twitter Obliterates Elon Musk’s Excuses for Killing Buyout Deal

Twitter Obliterates Elon Musk's Excuses for Killing Buyout Deal

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In April, Elon Musk made a $44 billion offer to buy Twitter before deciding in July that he wanted to cancel the deal. But that’s not how it works if you’ve already made a legally binding commitment. And a new court filing from Twitter pokes hole after hole in every complaint the Tesla CEO has filed about the purchase agreement.

Twitter indicted Musk last month, explaining that he was still trying to take over all that money. Musk contradicted and made statements as to why he no longer wanted the social media company, and Twitter has responded to those claims in a Delaware court filing that was unsealed Thursday.

Twitter didn’t make any headway at the 127-page filing, going all the way to Musk’s . to call idiot liar without actually using those words. But they were damn close.

“The counterclaims are a story made for a lawsuit that is contradicted by the evidence and common sense,” Twitter said in the new post. submit to court. The company called its complaints “factually incorrect, legally inadequate and commercially irrelevant”.

Musk makes up statements Twitter never made and then tries selectively to use the extensive confidential data Twitter provided to him to invoke a breach of those alleged statements. Yet Musk simultaneously and incoherently alleges that Twitter violated the merger agreement by block his information requests,” the social media company continued.

The legal beating continued from there, disproving Musk’s claims about the number of bots on Twitter and the number of active users on the platform — the two major problems the billionaire is solving with the deal.

Whatever excuses Musk can come up with, he signed an agreement to buy the company at a certain price and waived due diligence. Twitter could have thousands of bodies buried under its San Francisco headquarters, and that still wouldn’t change the fact that Musk decided to only substantive questions after he signed on the dotted line. He said he would buy Twitter as is and with no refund.

The following screenshots are taken directly from the court filed by Twitter on Thursday, sometimes including Musk’s original claims and Twitter’s response. Notes were also made by Gizmodo to highlight the really funny elements, such as the fact that Musk is now complaining about the number of active users on the site, but was not present at a meeting on the same topic. Or that Musk’s way of calculating bots on the platform identified his Twitter account as a likely bot.

There are plenty of funny bits to go around when dealing with the worlds richest shit poster.