The Ukrainian Army Just Blew Up A Russian Ammo Train—The Fourth Of The War

Ukraine continues to escalate its bombing of Russian supply lines in southern Ukraine. But maybe it doesn’t matter that much in the end. Focus on power.

Before dawn on Sunday, Ukrainian troops — perhaps a battery of American-made High-Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems — reportedly hit a 40-car train carrying ammunition from stock dumps in occupied Crimea to Russian forces in Kherson Oblast.

The train exploded kill as many as 80 Russians. Video reportedly depicting the fire circulated online on Wednesday.

Artillery strike at Brylivka, 20 miles southeast of Kherson, reportedly destroyed the train and the track. It was the fourth time the Ukrainians have destroyed a Russian supply train.

“As a result of a Ukrainian attack on a Russian munitions train in Kherson Oblast, southern Ukraine, it is highly unlikely that the rail link between Kherson and Crimea will remain operational,” the British Ministry of Defense said. stated:.

That’s a problem for the Russian military, which never had enough trucks and so relies heavily on trains to move supplies to front-line troops. The Ukrainian military has now systematically cut Russian supply lines in southern Ukraine, blowing up ammunition depots and drilling holes in bridges.

The train strike exacerbates the destruction and increases supply problems for Russia’s 49th Combined Arms Army, which oversees most of the approximately 30 tactical battalion groups that gather in and around Kherson.

The Russians can repair bridges and loosen rails, but that takes time. And with each passing day, the 49th CAA is picking up its existing supplies.

Obviously, the 49th CAA is in trouble. To be fewer It is clear that the scarcity of supplies will be decisive as the Ukrainian military puts more weight behind its slow counter-offensive aimed at liberating Kherson with its strategic port and pre-war population of 300,000.

After consuming most of his combat power – first try and… failing to conquer Kiev and then try and to succeed in conquering the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine – the Russian army is tired.

It has buried at least 15,000 of its best troops. A frenetic recruiting campaign brings together a few new battalions, but the recruits head to the front with outdated weapons and only 30 days of training.

But the Ukrainian army is also tired. It also thousands of his best troops. Donations of modern weapons are helping to restore some of the fighting power the Ukrainians have lost in five months of brutal fighting, but these weapons are thin on the ground.

Indeed, it is clear that Kiev is deploying its latest and greatest artillery, including the first 16 HIMARS supplied to the United States, for long-range strikes on Russian supply lines. The same missiles are not readily available to support frontline troops.

That’s why you can read seemingly contradictory news in the same few days. It is true that the Ukrainian army destroyed a Russian ammunition train. But it is also it is true that a Ukrainian battalion, defending the village of Pisky in eastern Ukraine, has no chance at all – with only two small mortars to fire back at Russian troops packing 152 millimeter howitzers.

What you see are two depleted armies deploying their dwindling resources on increasingly desperate operations that they hope can – somehow eventually – contribute to a greater victory.

Ukrainian troops blow up Russian trains. Russian troops attack some Ukrainian villages. The war continues.

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