T-Mobile customers flying with United Airlines getting free Wi-Fi

T-Mobile has just announced that all of its customers flying with United Airlines will benefit from free Wi-Fi and in-flight streaming. Well, the exact wording is “eligible T-Mobile customers”, which means they have to meet a number of criteria.

T-Mobile customers with Magenta MAX plans get unlimited full-flight Wi-Fi and streaming, as well as unlimited texting. The rest of the carrier’s Magenta plans only offer free in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming on 4 full flights per year, but the benefits also include 1 hour of in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming on additional flights, so that’s nice. Speed ​​is also a key differentiator, as Magenta MAX customers get high-speed data up to 5G, while everyone else benefits from unlimited 256kbps connectivity.

Of course, T-Mobile customers only get free Wi-Fi and in-flight streaming where available on select United domestic and short-haul flights. The US carrier is the latest addition to Coverage Beyond, T-Mobile’s initiative aimed at business customers who travel a lot. American, Alaska and Delta are the other three carriers where T-Mobile customers get free in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming. A319s aircraft with Wi-Fi supported by Viasat and Thales InFlyt Experience. However, more flights and Wi-Fi partners are expected to be added to the offer soon, T-Mobile announced.

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Last but not least, as part of Coverage Beyond, T-Mobile customers get 5GB of free high-speed data (5G speeds where available) every month in more than 215 countries and destinations on Magenta MAX, Business Unlimited Ultimate, and equivalent Sprint plan.

T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plans feel like a great deal on paper. Aside from these travel benefits, Magenta MAX customers also get Apple TV+ and Netflix for free, Scam Shield Premium and a free year of AAA.

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