Report of an active shooter at Princeton High School is a hoax

SHARONVILLE, Ohio — The Sharonville Police Department said the report of an active gunman at Princeton High School is a hoax.

The Sharonville Police Department released everything at Princeton High School.

According to investigators, the Sharonville Police Department received a transferred 911 from Cincinnati that allegedly came from inside the school. The caller claimed that there was an active gunman and that up to 10 people were injured.

The Sharonville Police Department said there will be a very thorough investigation into this incident to hold the person or persons accountable for their actions.

Tom Burton, Superintendent of Princeton City Schools, also confirmed to WCPO that this incident was a hoax.

“After a thorough search of the building, there is no active gunman. There has never been an active gunman. It appears to be part of a national hoax as we have received reports from other districts across the country and locally from similar reports,” Burton said. “We appreciate the prompt response of the local police.”

Burton said the school is firing students and will be closed for a day. Princeton Middle School has also decided to close for today and send students home because of the hoax, Sharonville police said.

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All parents are asked to meet at Vineyard Church, where they will be reunited with their children.

According to a Facebook post from the Sharonville Police Department, students who are not picked up by their parents are taken home by buses.

This is a story in development and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Sharonville Police gives an update on the active shooter hoax:

Sharonville Police update on Princeton High School active shooter hoax

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