John Legend Says Politics Drove Him and Kanye West Apart

Singer John Legend says his once close relationship with Kanye West fell apart when the rapper started chatting with Donald Trump and then started his own presidential run. “We’re not as many friends as we used to be,” Legend said on David Axelrod’s The Ax Files podcasting. “I honestly think because we publicly disagreed about his candidacy, his support for Trump. I think it became too much for us to maintain our friendship.” Two years ago, Legend said that the politics did not cause a rift and that the two had simply drifted apart. But now he says it was the deciding factor. “He was angry that for understandable reasons I did not support his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America,” Legend said. “I wasn’t alone in that, but you know, he wasn’t happy about that. And we haven’t been there since then.”

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