It’s been a lifetime in the making

I recently read a stat that 50% of the WR drafted on round 1 never have a 1000 yard season and 30% don’t have more than two 1000 yard seasons. I wonder why so many fans believed it was a great course of action to set up a WR high on the first lap, or on the first lap. The law of averages says that no matter where the WR was set up, it probably wouldn’t have a huge impact. Considering how many good WRs the pack got outside of round 1, why not just trust the system that has been working for 30 years?

The only conclusion I can draw is that the recipient is one of the most glamorous positions, so fans are naturally drawn to it. I don’t begrudge them because they want a first round at the receiver. My complaint was, and always will be, that these national sites incited fans about how “Aaron Rodgers never hit a touchdown on a first-round pick.” It’s lazy and it disrespects everything Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams have accomplished in their decorated careers. That’s six recipients who, in my mind, are all Packers Hall of Famers. I’m sorry none of them were the first round.

Hi Wes and Mike. I know many feel that Lazard lacks speed, which has contributed to his becoming unwritten. However, I would submit MVS’s 74-yard TD against the Raiders in 2019 as a rebuttal. Take a look at the trailing Packer who seems to be running step by step with MVS and certainly not losing ground. Maybe a bad rap?

It’s not a track meeting. It’s a football game. I don’t care what Lazard’s 40s were then or what it is now. He is a receiver in his prime who has Rodgers’ confidence.

With all the talk of Romeo Doubs and Aaron touting Allen Lazard as number 1, it seems to me that Sammy Watkins is being overlooked. I was in training on Thursday and was very impressed. I realize at this point it’s reasonable to doubt that he can stay healthy for an entire season. However, it doesn’t seem to me that his string of injuries have robbed him of his speed and speed.

Watkins still has his speed. It took me two exercises to figure that out. Echoing what Larry McCarren said earlier this week, Watkins looked good. His catch on Jordan Love’s deep overroute was one of the top five in the camp so far. When he gets there, Watkins will produce. It just comes down to staying healthy. Oh, and Watkins was a former first round pick. I’m sure the experts will like that.

Mike, you said you have the impression that Romeo Doubs would rather not have any media attention. Does the team have a person, or a crew, to help players deal with the press? Not so much what to say, but how to present himself, deal with nerves, etc. From a PR point of view I would think this would be beneficial for the team as the public perception of a player has a positive or negative effect on the team as a whole.

Just for the record, Romeo Doubs has been nothing but respectful and courteous to the media thus far. I think what Spoff is saying is that Doubs is not the type of person who likes to draw attention to himself (beyond what he does on the pitch). He was well behaved in the locker room and said yes to every interview request I’ve seen. He’s just a calm personality and that’s OK. The same was true for the other No. 87.

I liked Spoff’s answer about weighing the balance in current and future options regarding lattice construction. What’s more, why would Brian Gutekunst, et al, force a decision now when newer (and better) information will be coming in soon? If you don’t include current information — and don’t update your evaluations as current information becomes available — I guarantee you’ll be behind your competition in no time. Let the information come to us, instead of us coming to it.

What I found most interesting about Kurt from Traverse City’s question is that he tried to use a business analogy before giving a prompt that no successful business would subscribe to. You want to make money today and tomorrow. Not one or the other. In any case, Gutekunst has better positioned his teams to win now based on his willingness to sign De’Vondre Campbell, Dennis Kelly and now Dallin Leavitt to increase young position groups/units.

Tracy from Little Rock, AR

Is Quay Walker on the brink of blowing Preston Smith and Rashan Gary? I’m concerned about the depth of that position group.

Probably? No, but it is possible that the Packers are using Walker to go after the passerby. He has the size and speed to do it. But I don’t think it will be that easy if he fills in for Smith or Gary, one-on-one.

Really enjoy the quick videos, ‘Three Things’ and locker room highlights! Thanks for all the great content. Haven’t you heard a lot about backup RBs, any insight into how the younger guys are doing?

I wasn’t at practice on Thursday, but Andy Herman said Tyler Goodson had a nice day. With Patrick Taylor a little confused, this next week could be huge for Goodson and BJ Baylor heading into the first preseason game in San Francisco. Goodson was a stable, reliable running back in Iowa and should be given ample opportunity in the exhibition season to show what he can do.

A question about the forgotten two dozen gentlemen in the camp who don’t make the last 53 or don’t make the practice squad. They clearly work hard at their craft. Do they have other football options like basketball players? Can you give a general overview of what is happening to them? I’m sure there are some great human interest stories out there, as well as countless heartbreakers.

Like everything in life, some players sign elsewhere, some play in different leagues, and some move on to new careers, including coaching. What I like about the practice team expansion is that it keeps more players in the NFL system. As good as it is to have the CFL, XFL, and USFL as secondary options, it’s much easier to stay in the NFL by learning your team’s playbook and getting called up.

Nathan from Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Is the starting TE currently on the roster in two years?

Yes. Some people call him ‘Bobby’.

Wes, Jordy was here. In Green Bay. The long-awaited Jordy story begged to be written and you were gone. Unfortunately. We also missed you on Family Night. Hope you enjoy Canton!

I saw that! However, it brought a smile to my face seeing all the Jordy related posts. It’s always a good day when “87” is in town.

They say you always remember your first QB. As a child of the early 1970s and discovering “gridiron” as a teenager, I got Lynn Dickey’s later years? The early years of the majestic “Majik Man?” No, I will always have a soft spot for Randy Wright. Waiting for the Tuesday morning paper here in the UK to find out my team had lost (again) and then the weekend to read a mostly short piece on the sad story of the previous debacle. Happy Days. See you in London!

I’m glad you have plenty to cheer up these days.

Hi II, are the Packers scouring the competition to sign a spare Jugs machine? I’m surprised they only had one!

JUGS machines are like gamblers. There’s only room for one.

I don’t know about the rest but getting a little tired of the stolen lunch references. If you need additional comments, try something else for a while.

I take it you are more of a breakfast fanatic?

Dan from Indianapolis, IN

Is it even legal to have half things on “Three Things”!?!?

If Larry wants a “half thing”, he gets a half thing.

Brock from Waterloo, Canada

My girlfriend is entering her first season as a new Packer fan and wants to cook some pregame meals. She just asked me “Is cheese a thing?” How would you answer this question?

“It doesn’t have to be that way!” Have a nice weekend everyone.

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