iPhone 14 could be delayed due to growing China-Taiwan tension

iPhone 14 could be delayed due to growing China-Taiwan tension

You may have heard of Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and her visit to Taiwan. It’s been all over the news lately. But how is that relevant to the iPhone 14 release, you might ask?

As most of you know, Apple is TSMC’s largest customer and the company ships chips to Pegatron in China, where iPhones are assembled. And Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has further strained China-Taiwan relations. As a result, the CCP has come up with new regulations that prohibit any mention of “Taiwan” or “Republic of China” in the shipping documents. This, in turn, means that some, if not all, of the hardware could be returned to Taiwan and production of the iPhone 14 could be delayed as a result.

To make matters worse, Pegatron’s vice chairman and top executives of TSMC were seen with Pelosi during the visit, so this could just be the start of a fiercer trade war between the CCP and Taiwan that sees Apple and other US-based companies caught in the middle.

Apple is already in talks with its Taiwanese partners and has requested that all “Made in Taiwan” or “Republic of China” labels be removed or replaced. It’s also no surprise that Ming-Chi Kuo sources are claiming that some 6.1-inch iPhone 14 units will be coming from Foxconn’s Indian factory. For the first time ever, Apple is greatly diversifying its manufacturing.

The news comes at the worst possible time as the iPhone 14 is just around the corner and there are rumors of some quality issues with the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screens and camera lenses.

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