Google just upgraded your search experience — just make sure to use quotes

What you need to know

  • Google Search allows users to sharpen sentences with quotes.
  • The company is improving the search function after user feedback.
  • Google Search now displays where the quoted text is on a page, giving users more context.

One of the more useful tools in the Google Search arsenal is the ability to find exact words or phrases by placing quotes over them. It is useful for users who know exactly what they are looking for and need to find specific information. However, the feature isn’t perfect, so Google is updating it to improve results for users.

On Thursday, the search giant shared how it improved in quoted searches. Google software engineer Yonghao Jin explains that Search is more likely to include a page description, which may or may not be helpful to users. But with this new update, Search now shows exactly where the text appears in a result, while also bolding the keyword or phrase.

(Image credit: Google)

“In the past, we didn’t always do this because the quoted material sometimes appears in parts of a document that don’t lend themselves to making useful snippets,” explains Jin. “For example, a word or phrase may appear in the menu item of a page, where you navigate to different sections of the site. Creating a snippet around such sections may not provide an easily readable description.”

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