Former WBZ-TV meteorologist Bruce Schwoegler dies at 80

BOSTON – Former WBZ-TV meteorologist Bruce Schoegler has died aged 80. Schwoegler worked for WBZ for 33 years.

A Navy veteran, author and teacher, Schwoegler had a knack for making complicated weather simple with the help of his lively laugh.

Schconjugler was at WBZ for the ’78 Blizzard. “I did that five days in a row,” he recalls in 2018. “The other guys couldn’t get in.”

He won New England’s first Emmy Award for Outstanding Meteorologist and eventually earned a spot in the Massachusetts Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, along with colleagues Jack Williams, Liz Walker and Bob Lobel.

Bruce Schwoegler
Former WBZ-TV meteorologist Bruce Schoegler

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