Every NBA team’s biggest question heading into training camp

The NBA is (almost) back. Over the next week, teams from across the league will hold their individual media days with training camp and the preseason that follows.

It’s safe to say there are a lot of questions looming into the training camp. Did your team tackle everything needed during the off-season? What concerns remain? To find out, The Athletic asked the reporters who know the teams best what the biggest question is on any trip to training camp.

Atlanta Hawks

Can Trae Young and Dejounte Murray coexist? Let’s be clear. The Hawks were too easy to defend and needed another offensive threat to take the pressure off Trae Young and give opponents someone else to worry about. Murray, who averaged 21 points and nine assists in an All-Star season with the Spurs, should fill that void. But Murray likes to have the ball in his hands, and for this duo to work, Young will have to get used to playing ball more without the ball. Young trained with Stephen Curry’s trainer in the off-season, presumably to hone his catch-and-shoot skills, and has openly welcomed the change. So far, there’s no reason to believe it won’t work. — Jeff Schultz

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Boston Celtics

Can they survive the turmoil? There were already health problems on the way to training camp, but the Celtics are in absolute danger.

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