Eagles Training Camp Practice Notes: Jalen Hurts really likes throwing to A.J. Brown

Today was the seventh Philadelphia Eagles training camp ahead of the 2022 NFL season. This is what I observed at the NovaCare Complex. NOTE: Stay tuned for today’s podcast episode of BGN Radio Exercise which will be posted here once it goes live.


It was a day of ups and downs for Hurts.

The good: Despite good coverage from Darius Slay, Hurts threw a really nice pass with zip and touch to AJ Brown for a possible touchdown if the receiver hadn’t dropped it. UPDATE: While I was writing this article, Brown tweeted (and subsequently deleted) that Slay had broken the pass. (So, if he’s right, it might not be the best throw if Slay could get a hand on it?)

Later, Hurts successfully hit Brown on a deeper slope route. Hurts showed more accuracy as he threw over the middle and perfectly placed a ball to Dallas Goedert on the seam for a piece win. Hurts led an 11-on-11 red zone series against the starting defense where the offense slammed in for the score. Hurts didn’t do anything special during this piece. He had a nice QB power run, but otherwise he just checked and took what the defense gave him. The combination of flawless football and a strong running game allowed the Eagles to score relatively easily. It’s sequences like this that might be underrated (by myself too), because again, it’s not like it flashes in a super impressive way. But not every starting quarterback works that efficiently, so let’s give credit where it’s due.

The bad: Outside of his good pass to Brown being dropped, Hurts and the offense struggled against the starting defense. His best moves usually occurred when the startups faced backups. Hurts’ first pass of the day was intended for Brown on an out route, but instead went wide to the right and out of bounds. Hurts drifted to the left on a rep where he could have checked to an open Miles Sanders, but probably got fired instead… or gained two yards at most before going out of bounds. Hurts was definitely fired at another rep where he rolled to the left… but threw anyway… and the ball went out of bounds. One of Hurts’ flaws was a batted ball on the line of scrimmage. His shorter stature is usually not a problem in that regard, but it can be a problem from time to time. There was a 7-on-7 rep where Hurts defeated Quez Watkins and picked Darius Slay, who had really good coverage on that route. There was another 7-on-7 rep where Hurts started running, which is at least the fourth time he’s done that in camp. Again, it’s hard to see the point of a QB spinning that much during such a pass-friendly practice.

Zooming out a bit, as we’re halfway through Eagles’ training camp (seven out of 14 practices in total, including those in Miami and Cleveland), there are no signs that Hurts is a significantly different player than last year. This isn’t to say he hasn’t been terrible in any way; there are a number of areas where he has made positive progress. We talked about his progress when it comes to throwing the center and getting the ball out faster on certain moves. But there are still problems with accuracy and holding the ball for too long. No one can argue that it’s been a strong camp for offense as a whole, which certainly doesn’t reflect well on the starting quarterback.

Stock even.


Day 1: Stock for a while

Day 2: Stock down

Day 3: Stock down

Day 4: Stock for a while

Day 5: Stock on

Day 6: Stock down

Day 7: Stock for a while


Don’t be shy to grab a Hurts-Brown stack for your team. No. 1 Loves throw to number 11. If training camp is any indication, Brown will easily lead the Eagles in goals this season.



Boston Scott (concussion), DeVonta Smith (groin), Jordan Mailata (concussion), Andre Dillard (concussion), Greg Ward (toe), Grant Calcaterra (hamstring).

BoSco is a new addition here. He took a big hit from Marcus Epps during Thursday’s practice.

Although they didn’t train, Mailata and Dillard were both on the field today. Good sign for their recovery progress. Should be back soon.


Mac McCain.

McCain was upgraded to restricted after missing several practices.


Depth cornerbacks Kary Vincent Jr. and Jimmy Moreland both left practice early and did not return.


The Eagles added tight end Jaeden Graham to the injured reserve list, leaving them an open spot to work with.

• Spoiler alert for today BGN radio Episode: Kyzir White is my MVP of the Day. The veteran linebacker sniffed a screen at Miles Sanders and was in position to absolutely lay the wood on him if the Eagles tackled to the ground. White also jumped for a Hurts throw to Goedert for a pass breakup/near pick. White’s speed is impressive and it allows him to make flash plays.

• AJ Brown looked like a man among the boys when he met Kary Vincent Jr. with stiff arms in the helmet stuck after a catch in the middle of the field. Just play with the DB.

• Interesting development: Britain Covey sees first team players with wide receivers. This after Covey had his best day of camp on Thursday. Covey had some solid moments today, including one where he flashed K’Von Wallace down the sidelines after making a flyout. On a bad note, Covey dropped a possible touchdown on the last repetition of the workout (during the development period). Can Covey crack the roster as WR5 or WR6 and be the best returning player? The preseason games will be important in determining his future.

• My husband Jason Huntley had a day. Despite being the lightest on the team at 193 pounds, he rode a defender in the open field leading up to the center. Huntley also had a good run to the left sideline where he hit Josh Jobe with a grown man’s stiff arm. It was that run that set some of his attacking teammates on fire. “Yes, hunting!” Let the record show that Huntley has juice.

• Jalen Reagor almost made a pretty impressive grab when he came back to the ball down the left sideline, but he couldn’t keep possession to the ground. Credit Jobe for tight coverage on Reagor and possibly knocking the ball out.

• Jobe had a PBU on a Gardner Minshew pitch over center. This was Jobe’s best and most notable day. It comes at a good time for him, with his competitors (McCain, KVR, Moreland) getting injured.

• There was a rep where Miles Sanders had made a very bad attempt or there was a failed transfer of Hurts. Anyway, sloppy search for the violation.

• Derek Barnett quietly had a good camp. And as far as I remember he was only punished once

• Milton Williams made a nice tackle on a fencing pass to Gainwell.

• It could be Reid Sinnett’s worst practice. He forced a ball into cover that was tipped and nearly picked by Jared Mayden. He then threw straight to JaCoby Stevens for an interception in 7-on-7.

• Andre Chachere broke a Minshew pass to Deon Cain at the catch point. There is no way Wallace Chachere should be ahead of the depth chart.

• Carson Strong telegraphed a shot across the middle to Noah Togiai that was easily knocked down by a defender. However, he followed that up with an accurate ball to Keric Wheatfall on an out route. Nice to see a positive play from the rookie QB.

• Since I focused on 7-on-7 while OL vs. DL was busy, allow me to outsource my notes on the trenches for this point. Good observations here from EJ Smith of the Inquirer:

I’ll add here that I’ve seen UDFA offensive lineman Josh Sills get a good reputation at left tackle as he took on Tarron Jackson. TJack has had some nice pass rush moments in camp so stonewalled Jackson was a quality win for Sills.

• Today in Jimmy Kempski’s daily interview series about training camps for BGN Radio: Nobody. Jimmy forgot to charge his equipment. Boo him on Twitter for me: @JimmyKempski.

NEXT ONE: The Eagles will hold their first and only practice open to the public at Lincoln Financial Field at 7 p.m. Sunday. [Click here for ticket information.] Then they closed a walkthrough to the media on Monday.

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