Coco Austin and Ice-T’s 6-Year-Old Daughter Bathes in Sink Before First Fashion Show

Sometimes you have to hit the sink before going to the show!

Coco Austin shared a look at how she got her 6 year old daughter Chanelwhich she shares with her husband ice cream t, ready for Chanel’s first fashion show. Their to-do list included Coco doing her own hair and makeup, as well as picking out their outfits for the event. But before they got to that final step, the process began with Chanel taking a bath in the sink while scrolling her iPad.

Why not use the actual bath? Coco explained in her September 22 Instagram post that they only had an hour to prepare for the occasion. The 43-year-old wrote, “The sink is easiest when you need to be quick.”

But while Coco gave her reasoning behind the hygiene hack, soaking in the sink has caused quite a bit of controversy in her comment section. One user wrote, “Yall still treats her like a baby.” While another added: “Are you kidding?! In the sink!! SHE’S NO MORE BABY!”

Ice-T & Coco’s Cutest Photos Of Baby Chanel

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Meanwhile, some users had a positive take on the matter with one writing, “The sink so cute.” Another added: “Sink baths are the best.

Later in the day, the couple attended a Patricia Field fashion show where Coco wore a blue dress paired with a multicolored sparkly necklace. Chanel’s outfit featured a pink plaid skirt, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a matching headband.

It’s not the first time Coco has been criticized for her choices when it comes to Chanel. In May, Coco and Ice-T received criticism for posting a photo of Chanel sitting in a stroller during a family trip to Atlantis Bahamas.

After the stroller spectacle was covered by CNN, Ice-T stepped in to give his thoughts.

“Lol… CNN? Really?” he wrote in a May 24 tweet. “MFs have nothing else to talk about. F em all. Smh. Lol.”


More recently, the couple celebrated her first day in first grade. Coco got candid about the milestone by sharing a video of herself crying after dropping Chanel off at school that first day.

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“I know you mothers can understand,” she wrote in her September 8 Instagram post. “Who else is an emotional wreck on the first day of school?”

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