Chuck E. Cheese ‘Saddened’ By Viral Video of Black Child Being Ignored at Party

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Just weeks after a black family was ignored by costumed characters during a… Sesame Place parade, the same seems to have taken place at a Chuck E. Cheese location in New Jersey. Last weekend, Natyana Muhammad, a 29-year-old mother from Wayne, posted a video of her two-year-old daughter Safa trying to get the attention of Chuck E., a character she’d never seen in person before. Despite her enthusiasm, the images show that the child is shamelessly ignored.

“I have stopped recording. I tapped Chuck E. on the arm to let him know that Safa was there, and he ignored me,” Mohammed told NBC News.

Mohammed also stated that the mouse did not stop at the table of the feast at all until encouraged by a manager to do this. Yet he often visited the table of a nearby company of white children. After being told that the character simply hadn’t seen the young girl, the manager insisted that the character be photographed with her, but Safa was visibly upset and was no longer interested in a meet and greet.

“You don’t,” said Mohammed. “Not only was it unnecessary, it was inhumane to do that to a toddler.”

Safa’s mother is also exploring her legal options and plans to consult a lawyer.

Tawan Thompson, who threw the birthday party for her two-year-old grandson, repeats Mohammed’s story.

“I don’t know why it happened,” Thompson said. “I don’t know who’s behind that costume or why they did what they did. But it was not pleasant. It was not fun.”

“This is a well-known establishment that invites people, invites children, and we were mistreated,” Thompson continued. “And no one has responded to that, and no one has given us a reason why we were being mistreated.”

The Thompson family and the partygoers have not received a personal apology for the incident. However, a public statement was released from headquarters saying it was “deeply saddened” and thanked guests for bringing the matter to the manager’s attention.

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