Bungie files virtual controller patents following Destiny mobile rumours

Seven new patent applications from Destiny developer Bungie have been unearthed, mainly linked to virtual controls on touch-sensitive devices, lending more credence to reports earlier this year that it had a Destiny mobile game in the works.

Those reports first surfaced in July, when The Game Post, citing a source with knowledge of Chinese mobile developer Netease’s plans, claimed the company was partnering with Bungie to create an all-new installment in the Destiny franchise. series to mobile – a project that has reportedly been in development for several years.

It’s in this context that the seven newly discovered Bungie patents (as noted by The Game Post) are particularly interesting. Nearly all of the patents, published last week, relate to the implementation of a virtual controller on touch-sensitive devices, with individual filings targeting status-based action buttons, virtual dynamic ledge grabs, virtual infinite drag-and-swipe input, virtual auto-targeting (especially in relation to an ‘isometric/top-down’ perspective), and action drawers via virtual buttons.

It was recently confirmed that Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion will launch in February 2023.

A seventh patent, recontextualized in terms of an “isometric as opposed to first-person” perspective, focuses on controller state management for client-server networks.

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While Bungie has yet to formally announce a new mobile game for Destiny, evidence of the project continues to grow. In addition to The Game Post’s previous claims, job openings have been found for various positions at Bungie seeking Chinese language skills, the willingness to travel to the country, and experience working on a large-scale mobile title.

Several references to isometric/top-down perspectives are made in the patents.

Aside from a possible mobile outing for the Destiny series, Bungie is also currently working on its next AAA IP – the franchise appears to be trademarked under the name “Matter” in 2018 – and the final two expansions for Destiny 2. The first of these, Lightfall is expected to arrive on February 28 next year, followed by the final expansion The Final Shape, bringing Destiny’s Light and Darkness Saga to an end.

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