3 smart settings for better Google Pixel battery life

If there’s one feeling we can all relate to with a squid carrying a phone, it’s the feeling of dread when that dreaded low battery warning pops up on our screens.

Both Android itself and Google’s Pixel phones have gotten much better at managing battery life over the years. But some of the Pixel’s most intelligent systems for protecting your stamina include: options in your phone’s software — and that means it’s on you to find them.

Google’s Pixel software is definitely full of those kinds of hidden treasures, so to continue our ongoing explorations of Pixel settings, let me walk our way into some of your device’s most advanced options to extend the life of your device. to maximize your battery life.

Make your way through it – then go to my free Pixel Academy e-courseif you haven’t already, seven full days of advanced Pixel wizardry.

The power is already in your hands. All that’s left is to learn to make the most of it.

Google Pixel Battery Life Booster #1: Smarter Charging

Coming first in our Pixel battery life adventure is a way to make your Google-made phone specially optimized and efficient with charging — making your battery last longer and performing better from a bigger perspective.

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It is not something that will lead to any kind of instant gratification, but it is shall prepares you for stronger stamina over the months and years you own your Pixel phone.

The setting is called Adaptive Charging and the way it works is simple:

  • When you’ve plugged your phone into a wall outlet overnight, specifically between 9pm and 4am, whichever time zone you’re in, your Pixel intelligently slows down charging so it stays on over that entire period of time.
  • The feature requires you to set an alarm in the Pixel Clock app to work anywhere between 3 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • It uses that alarm time as a finish line and then stops charging so it’s ready right before you wake up.

All you need to do is enable the option, and then it will work automatically when you are in the charging situation at night.

With a Pixel 4 or newer:

  • Go to your Pixel’s system settings (by swiping down twice from the top of the screen, then tapping the gear-shaped icon in the lower-right corner of the panel that appears).
  • Tap ‘Battery’ followed by ‘Adaptive Preferences’.
  • Turn the switch next to “Adaptive charging” to the on position.
  • Turn the bird to a nearby Pixel-ignorant iPeople.*

* Optional but highly recommended

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And that’s about it: every time you charge overnight with an alarm set for the morning, your Pixel will suit the occasion and optimize its charging pattern.

Pretty easy, right?

Google Pixel Battery Life Booster No. 2: Smarter Power Distribution

Now that we’ve covered charging, it’s time to turn our attention to your Pixel’s actual power consumption habits — and there, too, Google’s software has some great smarts waiting to be embraced.

A Pixel-specific setting called Adaptive Battery keeps track of which apps you use most during the day. It will then adjust your system’s power allocation so that whatever you use fewer often has a smaller amount of stamina suckers at his disposal.

It basically learns how you use your phone, in other words, then tweaks the standard Android power management approach to make it as optimal as possible for your specific habits.

Again, your Pixel will handle all the heavy lifting. Your only job is to make sure the option is activated:

  • Go back to your Pixel system settings and select “Battery” again.
  • Tap “Adaptive Preferences.”
  • This time, look for the line labeled “Adaptive Battery” and see if the switch next to it is already active.
  • If not – well, turn that thing on, gersh dern it!
Google Pixel battery life: adaptive battery JR

And we’ve got an even more advanced Pixel battery setting to set our sights on…

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Google Pixel Battery Life Booster #3: Save Smarter

Our final Pixel battery life tip is arguably the most important – because no matter how many proactive precautions you take, the day shall inevitably come when your purty Pixel phone starts to putter as its metaphorical tank approaches the empty mark.

However, if you prepare now, there is no need to panic. And your Pixel can intelligently adjust its behavior when the battery is low to avoid a complete shutdown.

The secret is in a spectacular feature called Battery Saver. It’s usually enabled by default in some form, but especially with older Pixels, it’s often not set up in the most optimal way right out of the box.

So do this:

  • Slide your way back to your Pixel settings.
  • With your suspiciously moist finger, press ‘Battery’ and then ‘Battery Saver’.
  • Tap “Set a schedule” and then select the “Based on your routine” option.
Google Pixel Battery Life: Battery Saver Routine JR

Now, following the same pattern as our previous two tips, your Pixel phone will rely on the Google-given intelligence to actually learn your typical usage patterns over time and use that as a guideline to predict when your battery is likely to run out based on how you use your phone.

When it senses your stamina is in jeopardy, it automatically activates the Pixel Battery Saver system – which limits background activity and location services, reverts to 4G instead of 5G data, and powers down some non-essential systems (including the Pixel’s always-on display along with Assistant Startphrase Detection and higher screen refresh rates) to save power.

That change alone can help you get extra hours out of your Pixel’s battery, no matter how low it is — and if you For real if you’re looking to increase your stamina, with a Pixel 3 or newer, there’s another setting change worth doing:

  • In that same Pixel settings menu “Battery Saver,” tap the line labeled “Extreme Battery Saver.”
  • Tap ‘When to use’, then select ‘Ask every time’.

That will cause your Pixel to ask if you want to activate the Extreme Battery Saver every time the default Battery Saver kicks in. The Pixel’s Extreme Battery Saver mode is even Lake restrictive, meaning most apps will be paused and unable to send notifications, and the entire processing of your Pixel will be slowed down, so less power is needed.

It makes for a less pleasant Pixel experience, so it’s not something you want to be active all the time (unless you’re a total maniac) – but in a situation where your priority is usually to keep your phone’s basic functions available until it’s finished. at the end of the day it can be a real lifesaver.

And another bonus tip in this area: While you’re in your Pixel’s “Battery Saver” settings screen, look for the line labeled “Turn off when charged” and make sure to flip the switch next to it to the on position. That will ensure that your phone’s battery saver mode turns off on its own once your device is charged back to 90% or more — just one more bit of useful information to make your life a little easier.

So there you have it: a trio of Pixel battery life boosters to keep your phone going strong. Set them, forget them and make sure you do them continue to my free Pixel Academy e-course to discover even more advanced magic for your favorite Google gadget.

Have fun exploring!

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