2022 Broncos Training Camp: Day 9 news and notes

Day 8 of the Broncos camp is in the books and today (day 9) was a quiet exercise. It was another walk-through training with them working on setting up the offense/defense for tomorrow’s up-tempo padded training.

Today we have exciting news about EDGE Baron Browning making an impression in camp, thoughts on tomorrow’s padded training, injury updates, news and notes, and more.

Baron Browning impressive

One of the more interesting players to watch as the Broncos moved into camp was former ILB turned edge rusher, Baron Browning. He flashed like an off-the-ball linebacker, but would his size, speed and athleticism carry over to the edge rushing position? Well, during the first week of training camp, he showed his elite athleticism, natural bend and potential in the position. He’s even earned some first-team reps against Bradley Chubb.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport called Browning a “revelation” for them at edge rusher. NFL Network’s James Palmer also added that tackles that have gone into camp against Browning have been out, praising his hand use and that his bow is genuine. Being able to bend around the tackle and get under their blocks is one thing that made Von Miller great, so if Browning can and does that well, that’s pretty exciting.

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett was asked about Browning’s transition from ILB to edge rusher and he told reporters that Browning looked better than him and the Broncos staff thought he would make it through the camp so far.

“I just kind of evaluated him when we were off-season – we saw his body type and just look at part of his bend and how he plays. In this league it’s all about the quarterback first and foremost. You can never have too much rushers. I think we wanted to see what it looked like when he was down there. We had tape of him at inside linebacker, and we were like, ‘Hey, let’s give it a try and see what happens.’ I think it’s definitely been even better for us to see him play in that position than we thought we had a little bit of a feeling he might be good there but it’s his ability to bend, his ability to anchor and just be able to close off that edge he had a few moves early when we first got pads – some top and bottom [moves] that was just unbelievable. When we see him making progress, we see that our natural instincts [were right]. We didn’t know – you never really know. It was kind of an experiment. I think he really embraces it and likes it too. It’s nice to see him [out there].”

If Browning can be a consistent and reliable pass rusher from the rim, it will give the Broncos some much needed depth. Randy Gregory is still on track for week one but has an injury history and Bradley Chubb has also struggled with injuries throughout his career. So Browning would at least add some much-needed insurance there.

In addition, if you play in the AFC West, you have to consistently go after the passer.

Quilted Exercise Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Broncos have their third padded camp exercise to date. These workouts, as you know, are important because it’s about as close as they’ll be able to practice what they’ll be doing on Sundays during the season.

When Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett was asked what he would like to see from his team in tomorrow’s padded practice, he said he would like to see a replay of what they did in Thursday’s practice.

“Gosh, I want another day like yesterday. I thought there was a lot of good. There were explosive plays. Defense played well. There were good runs and the defense got some tackles for losses [ILB] Josey [Jewell] had great action. Just that quick response, feeling fresh and feeling that pop at full speed. I think that’s what you’re always looking for with your pads, which is why we’re doing this. We want to make sure we get the most out of these practices, because there are so few of them.”

You always see a few players stand out more during these training sessions and you get to see if your training camp stars continue to perform during real football. Also, players like KJ Hamler and Greg Dulcich who have missed some practice time due to their rehab from injuries can also get some significant reps at Russell Wilson.

So brace yourself, tomorrow’s workout should be another good one.

News and Notes

Injury Report

  • WR Tyrie Cleveland was out of practice with a throat injury
  • WR Kendall Hinton was out of practice with a knee injury
  • CB K’Waun Williams continued to miss training with knee injury
  • S Caden Sterns missed second training with a minor hip injury
  • NT DJ Jones missed another training session with a minor back injury
  • OT Tom Compton was officially placed on the PUP and joined EDGE Randy Gregory and OT Billy Turner

Tweets from Camp

remarkable quotes

Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett on the improvement he has seen from CB Damarri Mathis

“When they first came here, they didn’t know what was going on. He played a lot in the press, so we kind of had to switch him to playing cover and learning those techniques. He picked it up really well. He made a great interception yesterday, right across the field. It wasn’t just the technique, but that extra effort to keep relying on himself and running under the ball. That was great to see. He picks it up. It’s a little different for him because of the way he’s played in the past, but he’s picking it up well.”

Inside linebacker Josey Jewell on getting in touch with ILB Jonas Griffith

“It’s going really well. We haven’t played a game together. We had some reruns last year and then during this off-season, during OTAs and stuff like that together. It goes well. Communication still comes along; you can never be perfect in that regard. It will definitely work [with] pre-snap communication and post-snap communication are also getting a lot better. It’s been good and with a new player out there it’s always a bit of getting used to, but I think we’re doing really well together so far.”

Inside linebacker Josey Jewell on how well the coaches do in explaining the schedules and technique

“They are not afraid to dig deep into it. Whether it’s a meeting where we need to discuss other things and you have a question, they’ll be able to answer that question and dig deeper into that question about why we’re doing it, how this is going to affect the attack and how it will affect the defense as well. Also really what the offense is looking for in certain situations – certain thirds down and fives, thirds down and fours. What they are looking for and why we do certain things to stop them in certain defenses. They’ve talked about it a few times in defensive rooms and in the conference rooms to talk about it. It’s been a big help for us to understand why he’s calling out a certain defense.”

Inside linebacker Josey Jewell on what it feels like to be a leader in defense after signing new contract

“It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about mine [his job] too much, even though I still am. There is always a concern about it. You can never feel comfortable and you can never be complacent. It makes me feel refreshed that they wanted me back, they wanted me to be in the middle of the defense [to] have things under control [and] communicate between everyone. I appreciate that and hopefully we take advantage of that.”

Keep an eye on Quinn Meinerz how much easier it gets to year 2

“When I came in last year, I had no idea what was going to happen. So when I went into sophomore year, the main thing I talked about – and the big adjustment for me last year – was all the fans out there on the mound. out of the days we had 7,000 people which is a home game for me back home in Wisconsin That was definitely an element last year I didn’t expect Plus learning defenses – all the new defenses that the National Football League presents There’s so much attrition now and transference, I learn things two or three times. It’s a lot easier now to make it click. It’s faster. I can make the adjustments and now the game within the game that people are talking about is starting to open up.”

Monitor Quinn Meinerz on how he feels different on the pitch after losing weight

“I feel like my first and second strides off the ball have increased. My speed has gone up a ton. I feel the angles I can create, especially when we have a base three four and I’ve singled out to the backside -backer I feel like I can just sprint and go straight and I’ll beat that linebacker nine times out of ten Even if he goes over the top I’ll grab and chase you away Certain blocks like that I can really feel the speed, especially when [T] Calvin [Anderson] and I’m double-working on the right. I just feel a lot faster.

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